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I found the training very beneficial and immediately began using the skills I learned.

Thank you! I found the training very beneficial and immediately began using the skills I learned. I particularly liked the Cloud Mapping (it’s a similar process to the Social Atom we use in Psychodrama). When I used it with a new teen client not identified as having issues with trauma, OCD jumped off the page which, otherwise, would have taken significantly longer to diagnose. - TQ

I found the webinar very helpful and informative.

- PM

It was a very helpful and enjoyable course.

- KR

I like the clarity of your presentations and your kind, creative style

I will look forward to the 2019 webinars and your book study group. I like the clarity of your presentations and your kind, creative style. - - CC

EMDR With Preteens and Adolescents.

You don’t want to miss this on-demand distance learning webinar!

EMDRIA and EMDR Institute approved. This practical, interesting preteen/teen-oriented webinar will focus on basic and advanced skills in the application of EMDR therapy with this wonderful and challenging population. The course includes footage of 5 therapy sessions with teens and 9 downloadable handouts for future reference.
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EMDR With Preteens and Adolescents.

"Uh Oh, I'm Stuck!"

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This 2-hour webinar focuses on the challenges therapists experience with children and teenagers when they get stuck during reprocessing. Blocked processing from a developmental perspective will be explored. Topics area include: Over and Under, Accessing, Feeder Memories, Cognitive Interweaves(CI), The Blocking Belief Questionnaire for Children and Adolescents and Container exercises. Participants will also learn how to pendulate between Cognitive Interweaves and Blocking Beliefs during reprocessing when the processing is particularly slow.

EMDR Certification Group (Phoenix, AZ area Only)

For Psychotherapists who wish to become Certified in EMDR.

Certification requires a minimum of 20 hours of consultation with an EMDRIA Approved Consultant. A maximum of 10 hours can be done in a group setting. The remaining 10 hours can be done in individual sessions with a consultant or within a group format as individual presentations. These 15, 1.5 hour sessions will provide you with 10 hours of group consultation and 2 hours of individual consultation. The additional 3 hours provide time to discuss specialty application. Carolyn Settle will provide a supportive and informative environment where participants can increase their understanding and skills in EMDR. If you are interested please email us and we will send an information sheet that addresses the specifics of the group. In order to provide the highest quality of consultation, there will be a minimum of four participants in the group and a maximum of five. Fee is $850.
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EMDR Certification Group (Phoenix, AZ area Only)